My Story 

I wouldn’t say that I am a total beauty junkie, but am totally a sucker for makeup and skincare products.

So herein lies my problem.

Every since a young’un, I have never been able to find an individual standout product that looks great on my skintone. I have had problems within finding the right shades or texture and have mostly ended up mixing products to achieve my desired result, which in the long run is quite costly and time consuming.

From foundations, to lipsticks, balms, primers and blushers bar mascara’s which is quite difficult to get wrong, it’s been one loooonnng experiment.

I have deep tanned skin in the summer and a kind of ashy come medium brown tone in the winter.

To add to this am no longer a spring chicken so my makeup goals have naturally changed, so one more thing to add to the list.

I know times have changed and there are a vast array of products on the market that cater for this, but it’s a bit like buying a pair of jeans, you have to buy at least 20 to find one.

My time is over as an instagram filtered hottie. This blog is all about sharing my journey to find the perfect makeup / skincare products that compliment deeper skin tones and suitable for everyday wear without having to break the bank in trying.

Would love to hear your recommendations, tips and tricks. Also please let me know if there are any specific topics you would like me to cover. Always open to suggestions.