Natural vs synthetic skincare – Which works better?

Not Fair

Natural vs chemical-based skincare – which do you prefer? I have been thinking about switching to “natural synthetic free” beauty for a while. After all, looking at other spheres of life – fresh food ingredients vs junk food, water vs juice – synthetic =bad. Natural=good. So does the same apply to skincare products?  I am torn around this entire area, as in my head, natural doesn’t equate to potent?

For example, Retinol vs Rosehip. Surely Retinol, one of the strongest synthetically produced skincare products with proven results can’t compete against its natural equivalent?  Retinol is pegged as one of the best anti-aging products that actually work. With the advent of affordable lines such as The Ordinary Retinol 1% and the more gentle The Ordinary Retinol Granactive Retinol 2% it has become much more accessible and with a lower price point to boot.

Another firm favorite of mine is Glycolic Acid. It is…

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