Anything but The Ordinary? – The Ordinary’s sold out high Coverage foundation review

The Ordinary Coverage Foundation

The Ordinary products have reached super cult status. Let’s face it they are a BIG deal at the moment, and with a 25K waiting list for two of their foundation formulas’ just after launch, you’d be lucky to get your hands on them. Curious about the brand I headed over to the newly opened store in Covent Garden and lo and behold the entire range was in stock and available to test. I felt like I had won the golden ticket and finally, I got to try both of the Ordinary’s sold out foundations.

I must say, I was quite cynical about their foundations before purchase. They were never at the top of my hit list, even with the rave reviews. Those with medium to deeper complexions that perhaps suffer from pigmentation at any level will know how hard it is to find the right shade yet alone consistency and coverage. I normally spend at least an hour at the cosmetic counter colour matching. Shades are either too yellow or orange or ashy and usually end up buying two and mixing to get the right shade.
I didn’t think at first glance I would find a shade from The Ordinary foundation range that would match my skin-tone. Both the Ordinary Coverage Foundation and Serum Foundations are available in 21 shade and divided into 3 categories: Fair; Medium; Deep. Then by depth, 0-3 within each category and finally by undertone:  P (Pink) and R (Red) indicate cool undertones for lighter and darker shades respectively;  (N) – Neutral;  (Y) – yellow undertone.

Colour swatches of The Ordinary Foundation
The Ordinary Foundation shade guide
I didn’t have time to swatch them all so I followed the shade guide and picked a couple to test, and I must say that that the Ordinary foundation colour match and swatch guide is pretty spot on. For those taking a punt and ordering online, you won’t go that far wrong.. And hey for a mere £5.90 I would take a punt :).

You can see the foundation guide and swatches here:

I would say however that there is a wider range of shade options available across the fair to medium dark spectrum. If you have tanned skin like myself, I don’t think that you will be disappointed, however, those with medium dark to deep skin tones may find the range quite limiting.

I went for 2.1Y and 3.0Y. Both works for my tanned skin as I have yellow undertone but to my astonishment found the perfect match in the 3.0Y. This has to be the first time in a long long time, that I have been able to find an exact match a shade to my skin tone. I have swatched some pics below, but should have let the product sink in for a few minutes before I took the “after shot”

The Ordinary Foundation - Before and After pics
The Ordinary Foundation – Before and After pics
The Serum Foundations are lightweight medium-coverage formulations. For me, this was too watery and didn’t provide anywhere near the coverage I wanted.

The Ordinary Full coverage foundation does peg itself as providing full coverage, but in reality, I wouldn’t class this as a full coverage cakey type of foundation. It actually provides medium coverage with almost a cross between satin and semi-matte finish which is perfect for those with dry and combination skin.

One application does exactly what it says on the tin. It provides a really smooth finish with minimum creasing and doesn’t sit heavily into lines. However, if you try and build on the coverage too much it does become cakey and exposes the worst, trust me.  Staying power, I would say you can wear it for up to 6hrs without a retouch if you don’t constantly faff around with your face like me.

For me, this is a keeper. It easily compares to the luxury foundations on the market in terms of quality at £5.90 a pop it’s a complete steal. The downside, those with deep skin-tones may be disappointed. Maybe with the forthcoming launch of the Matte and dewy watercolour launches The Ordinary may expand the shade range for this spectrum. I hope so J

Where to buy the Ordinary Colours

There are so many stockists now but as you will see from your searches, most popular items are almost always out of stock. Having stockpiled most of the product range, I have found that ordering direct and from The Ordinary and Victoria Health provides you the best chances of getting your hands of one of these beauties readily. No science behind it, just from experience.

The Ordinary –

Victoria Health –

What are your thoughts? Would love to hear your experiences with this product.

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