Where beauty meets art. Does the “beautiful” in the world of beauty supersede the product? If so do we really care?

christian louboutin makeup - lipsticks

Look at this image. This display is truly an example of where beauty meets art.


Christian louboutin lipsticks


With this mesmerizing Louboutin artistic display of beauty, who cares about the products? In my head at that moment, just having these beauties sit alongside one another or whipping one out of my makeup bag is simply enough. Louboutin does the “story very well”, probably the best in class when it comes to beauty meets art. It’s the epitome representation of a luxury beauty brand. Just simply looking at them makes you feel like you are buying into an artistic, iconic and luxurious brand, which indeed you are. BUT, does the quality of the product match the packaging/marketing expectations?

This is an age-old debate that cuts across all kinds of consumable goods and nowhere is it more apparent than within the highly contentious world of beauty, where traditionally the power of the “brand” swayed purchases.

Of course, this world has changed with “you” as the most powerful influencer and advocate, but let’s face it we are being given the tools to do this, and sometimes paid to do this. We are still swayed by the hype, temptation of the next best thing, advanced products and must-haves. In my view, with so much “choice”,  selection has become so much harder and complicated.

Who do you believe? Who do you trust? Which products do you choose?  Does an expensive product mean quality? Depends on the product say some. Out and out no, say others, we only need to look at the breakthrough skincare product “the ordinary” and the vast array of “dupe” reviews on the market as proof say others.

Argghhhhh…. What do you think?

This is the first in the series of posts where I will road test an array of supposed “superstar” luxury high beauty end products to see if they are as good as they say, kicking off with the “hourglass ambient lighting bronzer”.  Check back in next week for the review.

Would be great to hear your views on this, and give me any suggestions on which products I should try, both good and bad.

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