Don’t go to the beauty counter or you’ll get tangoed.. 


I don’t know if it’s just me, but every time I go to the glossy cosmetics counter for a “makeover” I always walk away looking orange. Granted, various shades thereof but distinctly orange. I don’t know if this only a problem faced for those with darker skin-tones, but do you know what, I am fed up of it.
I am no longer a spring chicken, haven’t succumbed to filler or Botox just yet, and have problems with uneven skin-tone, which is quite common for those with medium deep skin-tones. Okay admit, that I don’t have the perfect canvas but who in the real world does.
My problem is mainly finding the right foundation. For me it’s like finding the right pair of jeans, you try 20 and only one suits, but there’s always a snag. Find the right shade, but not the right finish. Find the right finish but not the correct shade match! Argghhh….

It’s at this point I always turn the professionals. I am just a mere every day mortal trying to find the right product. Add to this the fact that I love beauty products, and am a sucker for the latest shiny new wonder product to hit the shelves, well that says it all. All round beauty brands dream.
But I always live in hope. I frequently end up on the “experts” chair within glossy beauty counters eagerly waiting to finally find the perfect foundation. This is generally how it goes.
Step 1 : Speigl about how amazing the product is uniquely different, perfect coverage providing supermodel skin to boot. Okay the last bit is a bit of an exaggeration
Step2: Colour match. Normally a selection of three. One too light, the second just perfect and the third, just out and out wrong

Step 3: Apply, ever so lightly with the “brands” chosen brush, which is of course the only one that will work perfectly with the product

Step 4: Check in mirror. Usually, at this point it looks okay. Finally, finally I have found the one

Step 5: Apply generously all over.

Step 6: Check mirror. Hmmm, looks okay actually, especially under the artificially lit studio type lights in store

Step 7: After a couple of minutes, question whether it may be too “deep” or “orangey” as it begins to settle

Step 8: No definitely the perfect shade, am actually beginning to be convinced by it

Step 9: Carried away by all the excitement and purchase. Well that’s how it used to be. Now, I ask for a sample to try at home

Step 10: Assistant reluctantly provides a sample

Step 11: Get outside into the glorious light of day.. Boom, orange!

Step 12 : Despair, go back into another store, colour match myself, find the right shade, or sometimes buy two and mix, but hey sometimes that’s just the way

It’s like running on a damm hamster wheel, in the hope that one day, I will find the one. That said, thank goodness for custom colour drops. That takes the pain out the purchasing mistakes a little.
Welcome to my world. Is it just me or does anyone else face similar a similar experience? Would love to hear your thoughts and any advice that you can give me on this.

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