Kevyn Aucoin, The Sensual Skin Enhancer – Instafilter or for everyday wear?

kevyn aucoin - Sensual skin enhancer product image

I really wanted to love this product and was looking forward to reviewing the Kevyn Aucoin sensual skin enhancer. After all, as a cult beauty product with a huge following, it’s pegged as an all purpose product – dramatic high coverage, tinted moisturiser, full coverage foundation, concealer.  I relished the thought of adding this pure pot of pigment to my beauty bag.

I headed over to Space NK for a try. Have to be honest about this one. I am still not 100% familiar with the Kevyn Aucoin beauty range, but I have heard some amazing things about the Sensual skin enhancer. I looked at this range a few years ago, but at the time the shade range was quite limited, but now with 16 shades to choose from I was sure that this time it would be spot on.

Now before I go further bear this in mind. I have a medium tanned but slightly ashy complexion and am no longer a 20 something spring chicken with an ultra smooth complexion.

This product is essentially a creamy pure pigment housed in a tiny pot. Whichever way you decide to apply, there are three golden rules that need to be followed:

–    Apply the tiniest amount of the product. The trick to barely touch the brush to the product and the emphasis is on BARELY

–    Always ensure that you prep your face ensuring it is well moisturised

–    Always mix the product even if slightly with your favourite primer or a beauty oil.

It does take the time to experiment with application methods and you do really need to prep your skin for use, so if you don’t have the time to do this, then I would suggest that you try something else.

Now for the results.

Shade match – Even with a stonking range of 16 shades, I couldn’t find a colour match. Can you believe it! SX11 was too light and ashy, and SX12 was too deep for me. Arghh, what a nightmare. I was not about to give up, so I mixed the combination of the two, which worked. Now that means a double purchase, but if it meant that it replace my concealer + foundation, it was worth the investment.

Concealer –  I applied the tiniest bit under my eye area and blended away. It works best using a “fluffy” tipped brush and I found that the Laura Mercier eyeshadow brush did the trick.

The key here is that you really need to blend and blend away. I have really dark under eye circles and it did cover them with ease. For me, it worked so much better when applied with the Becca colour corrector in peach underneath and amazingly didn’t really crease that much throughout the day even though it was essentially full coverage.

Full coverage foundation – For full coverage, I would suggest 1:3 ratio of product to moisturiser. Apply, then blend out, and again really blend. Let me tell you this really does provide full on coverage. Where all over application is concerned the effect for me isn’t at all natural looking and not really for day time wear as it felt a bit like wearing a mask.

Sheer coverage foundation – Again a tiny bit of product mixed with moisturiser or primer. I like the glowy look so mixed it with a tiny bit of beauty oil and Becca’s backlit primer to add a bit more of a sheen. Now this was better, but still for me felt a little too heavy and after a few hours settled into my creases.

All in all not the best review from me. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a shade match. The product was just too heavy for use on my face but worked well as a concealer product if used with a colour corrector.

The major upside, this product is perfect if you want to create a “Camera ready” look. It is the perfect Selfie ready product that looks flawless and quite natural on the screen providing most amazing Instafilter. As you can see below, it looks totally even and natural, but face to face, well that’s another matter.


It would also work amazingly well as camouflage makeup for complete coverage and for those with really hyper pigmented skin. I am sure that if I found the perfect colour match, I could play around a bit more, but until then, it will sit as a concealer item in my beauty bag.

What are your experiences with this product? Maybe I am missing a trick.


4 thoughts on “Kevyn Aucoin, The Sensual Skin Enhancer – Instafilter or for everyday wear?

    1. @beautyonabudget94 – Yes it takes a loooooot of blending and you really need to have the time to dedicate to it. Did you mix it with some primer or oil? I found that it was a lot easier mixing with a tiny bit of beauty oil such as rosehip which works a treat, though wouldn’t recommend this route for oily skin types.

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