Summer Bronze at it’s best


I love the Chanel makeup range, and this is one of my favourite make-up items from the Chanel beauty range.  It’s my go to product in the summer months, when my complexion has evened out a bit and has picked up a bit more colour.

It is already hailed as a cult beauty classic so nothing new there, but it’s versatility and shade is incredible. This bronzing cream base can be used in a few different ways depending on what you want to achieve. Though expensive at first sight, this little pot of gold lasts forever and cost per wear is pretty reasonable, but be warned it is almost always out of stock!

Shade wise it best suits olive, medium to tanned skin-tones. I don’t think that it will do too much for really deep complexions.

It’s always so hard for me to find the perfect bronzer/base without it either looking really muddy, not very visible or an out and out Oomph Loompa.

It’s a light cream gel bronzer, that glides on like butter and gives me a subtly bronzed look and generally healthy glow. It doesn’t oxidise on the skin producing that dreaded patchwork blotch that sometimes appears after half a day of wear which for me is a big bonus.

Now for the interesting part, how to apply Chanel De Soleil bronzing cream base.

The traditional method is to swirl it on with a dry bronze brush. I use the Chanel bronzing brush that specifically compliments this product and generally sweep it all over my face, for an even healthy glow.  Although hailed as buildable in coverage, I find that if I apply more than one layer using this method the product becomes a little bit cakey and I can really feel it sit heavy on my skin.

For true stand-out natural glow and vibrancy dab tiny bit of moisturiser and splash of brightening primer into the product or use one that does both, blend and apply with a large blender brush. Let it settle for a bit and see how the magic works. Beautiful smooth coverage with glow from within look that works perfectly. There really is no need to put any other products on top, apart from maybe a super dose of Corally bronze blusher to lift the look a bit.

No-no’s for me:

  • Using it over foundation. For me this hides the benefit of the product.
  • Using it as a contour. I don’t recommend this because the pigment is not strong enough to work as a contour product
  • Using it as a blusher. Okay if your skin tone is way lighter than the product, but for deeper skin-tones, dampens down the effect




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